Wednesday 23rd February 2011

I’ve just come in from sowing various seeds in the greenhouse. I’ve still got dirt under my nails. I would have sown more, but I’ve run out of compost and can’t get any more until Saturday. I have sown Kohl Rabi, which I enjoyed so much last year I’ve just got to do again. Cucumbers, the last few Melon seeds and some Broad Beans, I’ve not finished those as I’ve got no more compost left. I’ve still got loads still to sow this month, and a couple of items to film, but I not going to tell you what they are now…what a tease I am. More to post very soon.

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4 Responses to Wednesday 23rd February 2011

  1. Bob From Texas, USA says:

    Isn’t spring wonderful!

    I got hooked on Kohl Rabi a year ago and grow as much as I can now. It’s such a forgiving veggie as long as we don’t crowd them

    My lettuce and spinach is recovering well from our (Hopefully) last hard freeze. Can’t wait to see new videos of your allotment’s progress

    Love the vids you do in your greenhouse, too– Gives me fodder when whining to the wife that I need one, too.

    Also …….
    Happy BELATED birthday toMark and Happy EARLY birthday wishes to you!


    • Hi Bob,
      As Spring goes on and Summer is just around the corner, everything’s growing so well. I’m glad everything is growing well for you and I hope that you’ve had no more last minute frosts. We had one the other evening, and all the tops of the potatoes have wilted.
      I made some more videos today, so hopefully some will be up over the weekend.
      We all had lovely birthday’s, George (our son) had his at the end of April, so next is our daughters in December.
      Hope you have a great season,

  2. Crystal says:

    I have started pea and bean seedlings and my cucumber and Zucchini plants have bout 6 leaves and tolerate being outside all night, tho I cover them with a sheet.. to discourage the bunnies and also insure they are warm. I live in a caravan in Arizona in the winter and every day I take the basil seedlings and rosemary seedlings outside for some sun and at night my livingroom floor looks like a greenhouse. But soon it will be 80 F every day and 50 F at night and they will be in the garden. Indeed, Spring is wonderful!

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