Tuesday 11th January 2011

What a busy morning I had on the allotment today. I made 2 films, 1 about Jerusalem Artichokes and the other about Flowers Sprouts. I dug up the rest of the leeks which I’ll put in the greenhouse so the soil on them will dry out and then I can shake it off. I’ll do the same with the Artichokes, but may have some for dinner tonight. I’m starting to have a tidy so that everything’s ready for the Spring. I pulled up a load of finished broccoli and cauliflower plants and put them in the compost heap to rot down nicely and of course the obligatory weeding. There’s always weeding to do. It never ends, just gets a bit easier. I was a bit windy and the wind was chilly, so I took my flask of tea down to keep myself warm.

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4 Responses to Tuesday 11th January 2011


    very glad to here that new videos are on the way. we really enjoy them.

  2. Excellent…I look forward to those videos. Actually I’ve never seen an artichoke but I did read that they make a tasty alternative to potatoes and are easily grown…..????

    There sure is….always weeding to do. Plenty of that even in my garden plots.

    Don’t catch a chill being out in a cool breeze. Of course, tea hits the spot every time.

    I am thinking of my friends and family in Brisbane Queensland where the flooding is at the moment.


    • Some of my Artichokes were a very odd shape. Very knobbly. We had some for dinner last night which I boiled in salted water then put some olive oil and a few herbs on. They were very tasty. They’re very easy to grow, you just put them in and leave them and dig them up from November onwards.
      I’ll try not to catch a chill. I usually have several layers on, as well as my thermal trousers, it’s just the ears and the nose that gets cold.
      The floods in Brisbane look awful, my husband has family in Queensland, and they’re cut off at the moment and trying to keep the water out from under their house.
      All the very best.

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