Monday 10th January 2011

Went down the allotment today for the first time this year. It was a bit chilly, but that’s what you expect the weather to be like in January. There was 1 other brave soul on site, way over the other side. I had a great time harvesting several bits and pieces. Firstly I found the parsnips and I think I’ve managed to find them all. They were all very good sizes, with some a little harder to pull out than others. I also dug up a load of leeks, so I’ll use those instead of onions. I’ve still got more to dig up, but I ran out of room in the box. Also I pulled a few swede and turnips that hadn’t gone bad. I had a sneaky dig of 1 Jerusalem Artichoke plant and … wow!! I’ll film that tomorrow. I was very excited when I found some I think I may have squeaked. A very productive morning great to be back there after the snow but wellingtons are definitely needed as the ground was very, very muddy. I got the car washed last week and now the wheels are dirty.

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6 Responses to Monday 10th January 2011

  1. Cold Vermonter says:

    New to your channel and enjoying the videos immensely. My wife and I garden and grow odds and ends of children, fruit and flowers on an old dairy farm in rural Vermont (in New England, USA). Can’t wait to see the Jerusalem Artichoke video, we we’ve been fighting for two years to remove this plant from an area of our yard. Pretty flowers, lots to eat, but an impossible item to successfully move!

    • Glad you find the channel useful. Sounds wonderful where you live, all that space. I filmed the Jerusalem Artichokes today, so hopefully my husband can get the film done over the weekend. I’ve devoted a whole bed to them, so they can grow till their hearts content. I dug up a few small ones today and just planted them again. They have lovely flowers, very small sunflowers. But then they come from the same family.

  2. You may have squeaked…lol…too funny. I said a bit more than that as I attempted to drag the parsnips out of the ground with two hands and all my weight.


    our garden outlook here is snow at present and more snow on the way. however, last fall i started a new project in my urban garden….chickens. they are doing very well and have been receiving my own eggs since thanksgiving. definitely a real plus on the budget.

    • Hope the snow doesn’t stay for too long. Glad the chickens are doing well. I’d love to have some, but just don’t have the room in the garden, and I wouldn’t like to keep them down the allotment as people have had theirs stolen and there are foxes in the common that we back onto. Enjoy the eggs, there’s nothing better than a fresh egg first thing in the morning.

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