Sunday 9th January 2011

Made chicken stock today and used the last of my carrots. I used up all the tiny ones that are really too small for anything apart from making stock with. We’ve eaten them all, even the odd shaped ones. They lasted much longer than I expected, so I’m very pleased. It won’t be long before I plant seeds for this years ones. Let’s hope they’re just as good this year. I did manage to grow some huge ones last year. We’ll have to make do with shop ones until this seasons ones are ready.

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2 Responses to Sunday 9th January 2011

  1. Chicken Stock…awesome. It is a toss up between our dear old dog getting the carcass and us two legs getting stock. If you do a vid on the carrots could you talk about the soil in the garden bed. I havent grown carrots but am thinking of it and am wondering about the texture of the soil. Thanks. Have got our first cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, climbing beans, chives, blueberries and strawberries. The snow peas, raspberries and spinach are almost finished and fingers are crossed for potatoes, pumpkins and melons. We have had a few hot days but it is blowing today. A few gardening people are coming over this arvo. We are thinking of making up a sustainable gardening group. We are strangers.

    • The only pets we have are gold fish, so there’s no competition for a carcass with them. Carrots aren’t fussy growers. They’ll grow in most soils. If you have clay soil they’ll come out short and stumpy. The only thing they don’t like are big stones as they make the carrots fork and you’ll get a carrot with several legs. Which is fine, they taste the same. So if you have very stone soil it’ll be best to grow them in a container. You’re starting to harvest when I’m about to start to plant the first of the veg. I hope you have a great harvest and enjoy.

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