Monday 3rd January 2011

Happy New Year everyone, wishing you all a fabulous 2011. Well I spent this evening sorting out my seeds and writing down when to plant them. It’s only when you do this that you realise how many you’ve brought. I’m certainly going to have a very busy year. I’ll be starting to plant the first bits in about 2 weeks, so I’ll let you know what I’ve planted. March as usually is going to be very busy. The kids don’t go back to school until Thursday, so hopefully I’ll get down the allotment either Thursday or Friday. I’ve got parsnips to dig up.

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2 Responses to Monday 3rd January 2011

  1. sharen says:

    Hi Claire
    sounds like ur getting started with ur new planting season, I hope u make a video of everything. take care and stay warm.

    • I’ll make more videos this year of anything that I’ve not covered so far. Can’t wait to get back down to the allotment and start again. I’ve got lots of pairs of thermals, so hopefully they’ll keep my legs lovely and warm (they don’t like to get cold).
      Have a great year.

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