Saturday 15th January 2011

Spent this afternoon in the greenhouse sowing the very first seeds of the season. It’s all very exciting to be starting again, well I get excited maybe a little too much. I sowed Autumn Mammoth Leeks, All Year Round Cauliflowers, Carina Aubergines and Tomatoes consisting of the following varieties – Orange Berry, Costoluto, San Marzano, Ildi and Tigerella. I also sowed loads of Sweet Peas so hopefully the allotment and hanging baskets in the garden will smell sweet all summer. They’re great for attracting pollinating insects, especially bees. Have fun this season whatever you grow.

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6 Responses to Saturday 15th January 2011

  1. Neil says:

    I started my leeks and cauli today aswell but was a bit scared to do my toms coz of the cold weather so will start them in 2 weeks time and try to sneak them in the house to put them in the airing cupboard without my wife noticing and throwing them out [its a different story when shes eating them though lol] Good luck with the coming season

    • I know it seems a little early to start tomatoes off now. I started them at this time of year before and they take a while to come up. They like a bit of warmth, just like the rest of us. I’ve also planted them in March and I’ve not found it makes any difference. The seeds I plant in Jan, Feb and March and early April I’ll make sure I put a propagator lid over, as this keeps a little more heat in and aids germination as well as protecting them from frost.

  2. Excellent Claire. Very exciting stuff. I had no luck with Aubergines this year but we will see next time round. Learning something new about our zone all the time. My son’s Marketmore Cucumbers are delicious! Picking strawberries, apricots..not many…zucchini, lettuce, snow peas and wonderful French beans and the tomatoes are just about to all ripen at once. Best of luck for the new season.

    • Aubergines (or egg plant depending on where you come from) aren’t the easiest of seeds to grow. They are a bit hit and miss. Sometimes it’s a safer bet to buy a few plants. Try again next year. You sound like you’re having a great harvest. Enjoy the strawberries they don’t last long, but if you have too many make some jam.

  3. Una says:

    Hi there 🙂
    Since the weekend where I came across your youtube channel, I have been reading up on your blog and your journey with your allotments. We will be erecting our polytunnel greenhouse this weekend and I will be sowing aubergines and tomatoes as well soon after. Unfortunately we are having a second cold spell here in Germany (we had the most fabulous springy weather for the past week and all the snow is gone now thank goodness) but I hope the seeds will grow in the following weeks. Please keep blogging and making new movies. Thank you for inspiring this first time gardener 🙂

    • Hi there,
      Thank you for your very kind words, and I’m glad you find the blog useful. I hope you enjoy your polytunnel , they are great. At the moment in the UK the weather has turned on the chilly side again, where as a few weeks ago it to was Spring like and lovely and warm for the time of the year. Hopefully it’ll warm up again very soon. I will keep blogging when ever I do anything to do with planting and the allotment. All is a little quiet at the moment, but when Spring comes I’ll be very busy there. Have a great year, and any questions just ask.

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