Wednesday 30th June 2010

Cycled to the allotment today as Mark had the car. I picked all my broad beans, podded and froze them when I got home. They managed to get black fly on them. Next year I’ll plant them in January/February, and hopefully they’ll be too big when the aphids are about. Must remember to remove the new shoots when the flowers appear, as this deters them. I’m working through each bed at a time, raging war on any weeds. Once the bed has been de-weeded then I water thoroughly. I managed to do half the plot today, so a good day.

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2 Responses to Wednesday 30th June 2010

  1. How do you use your broad beans Claire? Do you just pod and immediately freeze them? I like to make felafel with them. I am always amazed how everytimg from the garden tastes better than shop bought. Thanks for sharing.

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