Tuesday 29th June 2010

We had rain this morning wow!! Didn’t last for long though and wasn’t really hard enough to do anything. Went down the allotment this morning and as there were clouds about it was much cooler. I picked the rest of the gooseberries (mind their thorns), raspberries and mangetout. Strimmed more grass and weeded. Everything is growing well. Spent some of the afternoon in the greenhouse potting up more tomatoes. I’ve got so many don’t know where to put them. I’m sure I’ll find space.

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4 Responses to Tuesday 29th June 2010

  1. Hi Claire, Do you find that your success rate for sowing has increased with the greenhouse?

  2. gardenlady says:

    Claire, have you had good success with your tomatoes in the past?, I know that you mentioned that you have had blight before in one of your videos.

    • Depending on the weather. If it’s dry with hardly any rain the tomatoes are great, however, if we have a wet summer then blight rules. Let’s hope for a dry summer. So far it’s starting off well, let’s hope it continues.

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