Monday 21st June 2010

Went up the allotment today, haven’t been up their for 10 days, getting withdrawal symptoms. Everything’s growing well. Planted a few nasturtiums (to keep the bees happy), a few boccoli, and kohl rabi that were left from the school summer fair plant sale. Was only able to be there for 1 and a half hours as I had to work this afternoon. The weeds are also growing well, so we all must make sure we keep on top of those. Can’t wait to go again tomorrow. Had a great time at Gardener’s World, make sure you watch the video.
Happy gardening,

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2 Responses to Monday 21st June 2010

  1. Hey Claire! This is great. I just watched the Gardener’s World Vid on YouTube and saw at the end a blog and facebook address. Awesome. I’m Sadia102 here in my regular persona otherwise known as Shirley. Signed up for email notifications. Wouldn’t miss them for anything. I like your banner.

    That was a great video at Gardener’s World. I’m guessing they have the latest in gardening equipment, seeds, plants, magazines etc. It sure looked wonderful. I loved those little carnivorous plants all plonked/artfully arranged together looking so much like a nest of hungry baby birds. Don’t think I have ever seen such beautiful hollyhock and delphinium. I enjoyed that short visit better than the pictures of Chelsea.

    Good Luck with your blog. Lots more are sure to visit when they realise you have one.

    • Yesterday I had to buy a new trowel as I broke my last one. I kept bending it when I was digging. My new one cost my £15 and has a 10 year guarantee, so hopefully it won’t break. It’s stainless steel, so should be quite strong. I never get the cheap equipment as it falls apart in 5 minutes the way I use it. Can’t wait to see how the carnivorous plants turn out. I brought the seeds for the kids.

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