Friday 11th June 2010

Didn’t go to the allotment today because of the weather, but sorted more plants for the Summer Fair.
I’m going to Gardeners World Live at the Birmingham NEC on Wednesday 16th June, so if you’re there and you see me come and say “Hi”. I’d love to put faces to those who comment on my You Tube site. I’ll be wondering round the Good Food Show as well nibbling at lots of samples.

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9 Responses to Friday 11th June 2010

  1. Ian says:



  2. tania820 says:


    Greetings from sometimes sunny Philadelphia, USA

    I am so pleased to see you’ve started blogging. I’ve followed your videos for the past year and have used many of the tips you’ve shared to assist me in creating a garden plot this year.

    I’ve added a link to your blog on my own gardening blog UrbanGardenGoddess

    I’m looking forward to more of your posts and videos.


    • Hi Tania,
      Had a look at the link, looks great, thanks for sending it to me. I’m so glad you’re finding my videos helpful. Hope you’re having a great year in your garden, and enjoying all the veg that you’ll be harvesting soon.

  3. Sean says:

    Hi Claire,

    cool blog! hope the tomatoes go great, i thought i’d try the moneymaker variety! they have about 15 trusses each at the mo (2 plants), i picked the first one to try yesterday had it on a pizza!! was so flavourfull, cant wait for the rest!!

    best wishes.


  4. Angie says:

    Hi Claire, like your blog site..pic looks nice and your garden looks amazing..dont forget to give us a tour once in to see the results of all your hard work.
    I favorited this blog so I could keep up w/what all your doing and learn more from your useful tips on gardening which helps me alot. Nice of Mark to help you with all the technical stuff (Im not very techie either). Will you be making any new vids in Spain this summer or are you staying home? Oh and I do love your greenhouse, Im “green” with envy! lol
    Ok well keep up the great blogging and happy gardening!

    Your friend in Usa….Angie

  5. LOL here is another who is green with envy at the greenhouse and wonders if there will be another trip and vid for Spain. Looking forward to hearing the little day by day bits and pieces of growing stuff. What was the Good Food Show about and like. Maybe a blog post?

    • Yes we’re going to Spain again this summer. Don’t know what I’ll be filming this year, may have to make that decision when we get there. The Good Food Show was in the hall next to Gardeners World. It’s basically any business who sells food and drink goes and sets up a stall and they have loads of samples to taste and then buy if you wish. They also have kitchen equipment, utensils and ovens etc. Great fun. I’ll see if I can blog when I’m on holiday, but it’ll be mainly the same – sitting by the pool, sunbathing, having a swim. Very tiring!

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