Thursday 10th June 2010

Up the allotment for another 2 hours today. Rain held off this morning, but I took my waterproof just incase. Planted the rest of the runner beans, those that were too small at the beginning of June. Weeding is much easier at the moment because of all the rain, but the soil is still so dry. Took some new photos to put on the home page of the blog. Mark and I’ll decide which is the best one. Made 2 more films today, planting out Kohl Rabi and Fennel. Hopefully they’ll be up next week. This afternoon I sorted more plants out for the school Summer Fair. Another busy day, don’t know if I’ll be able to get to the allotment tomorrow the weather looks awful.

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2 Responses to Thursday 10th June 2010

  1. João Ferreira says:

    Hi Claire!

    Good luck with your blog project.
    I suggest you to put some more pictures or colours around the blog to turn it more atractive.

    Here in Portugal my runner beans are already giving flowers and the beans are almost good for harvest.

    P.S.: I am “trivial45” in youtube but my count have been deleted ( i dont know why), now i will appear as “menphis122”

    • I expect my mum’s harvest her beans as they live in Spain. I’ve got my fist flowers just appearing, so not long before the beans appear. I’ve stopped understanding the weird stuff the computer does. One of those mysteries.

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