Wednesday 19th May 2021 – An unexpected day at home.

Today I was only supposed to be working from 9am-1pm and was planning on being in my garden when I got home. But first thing this morning the heavens opened and it was going to be one of those on and off heavy rain shower days again. So having spoken to the client I was supposed to be visiting that day, we both decided that it would be better to take the morning off. It was good that I did, because it did exactly what it said on the tin.

So in the morning Mark was going to the Spitfire Museum for some research and asked if I wanted to come as well…he would buy me a cup of tea and a nibble, but only if I was a good girl…….uuuuuummmmmmmm?

So off we went together. I know it seems silly, but I felt naughty going out somewhere on a week day. Felt like I was skiving off school (which I never did of course). Going in somewhere and looking around that wasn’t a shop to buy essentials. And then sitting down in a tea room having a toasted tea cake and a cup of tea without a face covering on. Felt quite weird.

It was lovely to get out and do something sociable, hopefully more like this as the weeks go one.

The afternoon was spent in the garden, and then rushing into the greenhouses frequently when the rains came. Firstly I managed to get up the structure for my beans to climb. I’m trying something different this year and creating an arch between two of the raised beds. Hopefully I’ll be able to still walk underneath and harvest the beans. Make sure that your structure is very sturdy, as plants laden with beans are very heavy, and if your bamboo canes are a bit brittle then they’re likely to snap. I’ve reinforced the structure with 2 horizontal canes on each side and when it was done I gave it a little wobble to see how much it would move. I’m pleased to say it seems very sturdy. It was tricky trying to hold the canes at the top and tie them at the same time, so I borrowed Emily to help.

The beans won’t be planted out until the end of May/beginning of June, even though some are ready now.

Then it was time to start getting my brassicas planted out in one of the brassica cages. I still need to replace the nylon netting with wire netting, but that’ll have to be done another day. The most important thing was to plant out my brassicas now. I cleared the few weeds and raked the soil. The chicken had been playing in that area for a while, so to surface of the soil was well scratched up. I put all the trays with the various brassicas in the cage, and decided where each variety was going to go. I dug a hole for the first plant and put it in, and then guess what? The heavens opened again. I quickly dashed in the greenhouses and sorted out a few bits and pieces while the rain passed.

All brassicas, whether you have cabbages, calabrese (broccoli), sprouting broccoli, sprouts, cauliflowers… get the idea, need to be planted out in exactly the same way. Here’s a video from a couple fo years ago.

Once the rain stopped I went back onto the cage and this time managed to plant in all the rest of the brassicas before the rain clouds came again. The soil was damp and more rain was due so I didn’t water them. If your soil is dry then give your plants a good water in. You’ll also need to protect them from slugs and snails, so whatever way you feel is right for you. Because mine are in raised beds, I tend not to have any problems with these little pests. I closed the door to the brassica cage and hopefully they’ll stay safe from all those insects and pests that like them so much.

So rather an unorthodox day and not completely as I had planned, but still I got lots done.

Much more in the garden this coming weekend, but I’ll keep you posted on everything I do.

Take care and happy gardening!

Claire xx

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