Sunday 7th February 2021 – Snow!!!

Well it’s here!! It rained all night and strong winds as Storm Darcy battered out bedroom windows upstairs. But as we were eating our breakfast the rain began turning to snow. Because the ground was very wet I wasn’t expecting it to settle, but as the morning went on it became heavy snow and very large flakes, so it started to cover the ground. It was sub zero, but apparently felt like -8 with the wind chill. And it felt like that when I went to give the chickens their breakfast this morning.

We stayed in all morning but ventured out after lunch for a little stroll. The snow was settling fast, and we just wanted to get out in it, it’s snow, you have to. Well I say stroll, squelching through a muddy field, and having your face battered by horizontal snow pelting your face was a new experience for us all.

We all wrapped up warm with more layers on that I can imagine, thick coats, scarves, hats, gloves and either walking boots or wellies (Emily, Kai and I opted for wellies). We must have all looked like 5 marshmallow men from Ghostbusters walking along.

We arrived at the cafe by the sea, we only live a couple of miles from the sea anyway, had a hot drink and sheltered round the corner from the biting wind before we had a quick look at the sea (you have to don’t you).

We then headed back home a slightly different, but more picturesque route.

We arrived home all red faced and exhausted, but very happy we ventured out. Clearly only mad people go out in that weather. After a hot drink, dinner went in the oven to cook for about 4 hours (massive gammon joint, yummy), and we then did our own thing. I checked on the chickens and gave them their afternoon corn, they were all snug and happy in their house. I wanted to see what they made of the snow, so picked up Big Bird and popped her down in it. She didn’t move, seemed very confused and looked at me as if to say “What you doing woman? Put me back inside now!” So I did.

I doubt if I’ll be working in mine or any client’s garden’s this week, can’t see it warming up until the weekend. Still I’ve got lots to do in the house, and still have my Sesame Street Lego to build that I got for Christmas.

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2 Responses to Sunday 7th February 2021 – Snow!!!

  1. NebraskaDave says:

    Claire, welcome to Nebraska weather. We have had upward of 20 inches of snow in 2021 and we are not even through with winter yet. Temperatures have remained in the single digits Fahrenheit so very little snow melting going on. This winter started up nice but now old man winter is raging. Shoveling snow has become a regular thing this winter. Hopefully in three more weeks, it start easing up. March is usually a month where the deep winter begins to break. I certainly hope that’s the case here.

    I’m starting to get the itch to start some seeds but it’s still too early. This is the worst month of the gardening year for me and requires disciplined patience. I’m not real good at that and if it wasn’t for the salad garden under the grow lights in my basement, it would pure torture.

    I hope that your weather issues pass by quickly and normal weather comes back. Have a great day braving the weather.

    Nebraska Dave
    Urban Farmer

    • I know we don’t have snow nearly as bad as you do, but us British love to talk about the weather. Looking forward to Spring and getting in super speed in the garden. Hope the snow doesn’t last too long for you xx

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