Saturday 6th February 2021 – Guttering and the last of the carrots.

I spent the morning putting the guttering round the newly covered chicken run, and also fixing some of the guttering at the back of the chicken house.

Putting up guttering is very easy, you just attach the brackets, I tend to put them about 2.5 feet apart from each other but the guttering I’m using is very light. If you’ve got heavier guttering then maybe 2 feet apart for the brackets. I did the front and the back of the run first, then sorted out the end. I needed to put a piece of down pipe in as it goes into the water butt, but that was fairly simple to do. Just click it all together and it’s done. All sorted before lunch so now the chickens are all ready.

They are forecasting snow for the next couple of days, never quite sure if to believe them or not, but just incase they were right in the afternoon I decided to dig up some veggies for us to have with dinner on Sunday.

So a few more parsnips that are getting quite tricky to find as the green tops have nearly dies back so I just have to guess where they are now. I’m still digging up some really good sized ones which is great. A few have canker but not many.

Then onto the carrots. These have done really well this year and I’ve been harvesting them as and when we needed them. Today I harvested the last of them which is quite sad. But I know that in a couple of months I’ll be sowing this years ones and hopefully harvesting the first of them in June/July time. A lovely array of colours and sizes this year, and very few with carrot fly.

And finally another Brussels Sprout stem these have been going great guns. I’ve got about half a dozen stems left, so I’ll harvest those as and when we need them.

We’ll see if the snow does arrive along with Storm Darcy, but it’s due to rain before hand so the ground will be very wet which might mean the snow doesn’t settle. Still we’ll see what happens tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Saturday 6th February 2021 – Guttering and the last of the carrots.

  1. Looking GREAT! We haven’t had much snow here this winter but we did get a dusting yesterday which didn’t last long. We are having cold snap, though, and at 1:50 PM it is 10° F. That is the coldest it has been all winter, especially during the day. The forecast for Thursday and Friday’s low is 3° F. GEEZ!!!

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