Early June Update

It’s the beginning of June and all worries of frost have gone where I live in the south east of the UK. Yay summer is here!

This can only mean one thing……it’s time to plant out all my tender crops.

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5 Responses to Early June Update

  1. Rich says:

    Hi Claire! I’ve been watching a lot of your videos and you’ve given me some great tips which I’ve already put into practice. As a first time grower I’m very anxious about my crops through their early stages. I was hoping you could answer a few questions for me.
    I’ve planted a block of sweetcorn about two weeks ago after sowing to about 6 inches tall. The weather has been great up until now. We are expecting colder temperatures and some rain for the next few weeks. Is this going to harm them at all? I’ve also planted two butternut squash in between them, will they be harmed by the rain and colder weather? Thanks 😊

    • Your plants are more resilient than you think they are. As long as you acclimatised them a little before you planted them out, then they should be fine. Where do you live? Not your exact address (that would be creepy), but just a rough idea.

      • rich says:

        Ah thats brilliant! I left them out in their pots during the day for about 4 or 5 days before planting. I live in Cheltenham which is in the south west region

      • rich says:

        I am also worried that the soil in my bed might not be deep enough. I’ve measured it to be about 6/7 inches deep. I think its too late to do anything about it now but I would like to hear your opinion. Thank you x

  2. When you plant your sweetcorn out into the ground, dig as hole as deep as you can, the depth of the trowel blade or slightly deeper if you can. If you soil is 6-7 inches deep, that’s plenty deep enough. Don’t worry about getting them perfect this year, leave them as they are and I’m sure they’ll be fine. But next year plant them in a little deeper. This gardening lark is a learning curve, we all learn something new every year.

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