Sunday 24th March 2019 – Just the afternoon in the garden.

I was hoping to spend all day today in the garden, but instead it was just from mid afternoon. This morning and the early part of the afternoon we went to Margate. I love the little shops that are set back in the town. Little gems of shops and a real find. We also visited the Turner Contemporary which is amazing.

Anyway, once we got back home I popped in the garden and hid away in my greenhouses to get a load of stuff done. I pricked out my first sowing of Coriander, and pricked out the last of my Red Brunswick Onions.

I sowed some Courgettes “Gold Mine” and “Griller Mix”, as well as other cucurbits, namely Pumpkins “Polar Bear” and “Wicked”. I then sowed the first of my Sugar Snap Peas “Nairobi“.

That was all I managed to get done today, not as much as I hoped, but at least it was something. Still loads more seeds to sow, but I’ll get round to doing those this week.

Bert is till a little put out by Steve being in her space, so if we’re out I have to give them separate areas to play in. Hopefully they’ll get used to each other soon, then I can introduce the next 2 and then finally the last one who thinks she’s in charge. It’s like having a load of toddlers arguing with each other.

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