Saturday 23rd March 2019 – An entire day in the garden!

Trying to think the last time I managed to spend the entire day in my garden, it must have been last summer sometime. Usually I’m going out somewhere on a Saturday, but today I wasn’t. Yippeee!

I cleaned out the new chickens house. We’ve had them 2 weeks now, and they’re getting on very well. Steve is being bullied by 3 of the new girls, and she squeaks like a little chick. For the past few days I’ve let her out in the garden with Bert all day, and she’s very slowly gaining confidence. She’s now happy to have Clairey cuddles, but still shakes with fear sometimes. Still I’m working with her and she’s coming along very well. She did sleep with Bert last night (no hanky panky), which Bert wasn’t impressed with. So Dad and I cornered off a little area for her to sleep in. I don’t think Steve has been pecked at all today, so we’re getting there. I’ve even tried the horrible tasting spray that’s supposed to stop other chickens pecking, but it doesn’t seem to have any effect.

While the little house was drying I pootled about in the garden and greenhouses. I pricked out loads more brassica, including my favourite Broccoli Lancer Mixed. I love this it looks so beautiful and tastes amazing.

As well as pricking out a load of Onions Isobel Rose.

I sowed a load more seeds, including some more herbs: Dill, Chives and Coriander. Another variety of Spinach Popeye, and finally a load more flowers which are: Lupins Avalunem, Larkspur Giant Imperial, and a lot of different varieties of Sunflowers: Titan, Giant Single, Pacino, Autumn Beauty, Teddy Bear, Red Sun and Italian White.

Well that’s all for today. I’ve got another free day tomorrow, so I’ll be back in the garden again. I’ve got lots of sowing to do, which I’ll film, so brace yourself for an influx of videos in the next few weeks.

Happy weekend!!

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