Sowing Chilli Seeds

Now we’re into March the weather has warmed up nicely and it’s time to start sowing your Chilli Seeds. I have both sweet, mild and hot chilli seeds this year.

What ones are you growing this year?

Here’s how I sow mine….

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1 Response to Sowing Chilli Seeds

  1. Richard Caster says:

    Hi there Claire! I’ve been really enjoying your videos on YouTube, you’re tips and tricks have been guiding me really well since I’ve took up gardening and growing last year. I’ve decided to grow lots of chillies this year. I have invested in a heated propagator and am currently sowing about 12 varieties. Some of my seedlings were ready to prick out into larger pots so I followed your instructions in your video on how to do so. After doing this, I let the pots soak in water for a while just to get the soil moist. After about 15 minutes I noticed to seedlings started to droop. Is this normal? Will they recover?

    Many thanks


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