Sunday 3rd March 2019 – Lots more brassicas sown.

Because I’ve already sown some brassica seeds, I’m not showing you how to sow any more, because you need to sow them in exactly the same way.

The wind is blowing outside and it’s drizzling with rain, so I shut myself away in my greenhouse for a little bit of “me time”. It’s a lovely place to go when you need a little bit of time to yourself.

I’ve just sown the following brassica seeds, but don’t worry I’ll keep you updated on their progress.

Let’s start with Kale “Smoothie Mix” and “Afro” which are good for adding iron to your diet, something I need especially when giving blood. Broccoli “Lancer Mixed” I love these, and “Stemia”. Cauliflower “Chinese” which look very interesting. Then finally lots of Cabbage, because everyone likes a cabbage, “Greyhound”, “January King 3”, “Advantage”, lastly “Kilmaro”.

This should keep us going for a while and fill up those 2 cages I made to protect them from the butterflies and birds.

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1 Response to Sunday 3rd March 2019 – Lots more brassicas sown.

  1. sowgrowrow says:

    Trying Greyhound this year 🌱

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