Time to ward off all those vampires!!

If you want to keep vampires at bay, then why not grow some garlic in your garden. They’re also good for keeping away the carrot fly as well as slugs and snails.

Now is the time to plant you autumn planting garlic. If however you have spring planting do exactly the same way, but plant out in February.

Here’s how I plant mine.

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1 Response to Time to ward off all those vampires!!

  1. NebraskaDave says:

    Claire, thank you for such clear and helpful instructions on planting garlic. Spring is a couple months away here in Nebraska even through the temperature is 50F (10C) today Winter is hardly over and cold freezing temperatures will return soon enough. The seed catalogs are in a abundance now and ordering has begun. Soon seeds will be started and the garden year will begin.

    Have a great day in the garden.

    Nebraska Dave

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