How are our new little ladies doing?

Many of you have been asking how our new little chickens have been getting on, so I though I would do a short little film to let you know.

They were poor naked little loves when we rescued them from BHWT a little over 4 weeks ago, and one was very poorly. With lots of love, hugs (when they allow me to pick them up) and more TLC than I can tell you about, they are doing very well indeed.

Well, why don’t you see for yourself. You won’t recognise them.

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4 Responses to How are our new little ladies doing?

  1. Keith says:

    Thanks for al your blogs. They are always interesting. Good to see your new chickens are looking better. It seems from your blog that you tried to introduce just 1 of your chickens? We have a few chickens and have had for quite a few years. Hopefully you know that you should never introduce 1 new chicken on it’s own. We have found that is best to introduce about the same amount of new as old. (That seems to work best 🙂

    • I read also that it’s best not to introduce 1 chicken at a time, but I was in a bit of a predicament. Billina, who I introduced to the old girls, was constantly bullying the 3 naked ones. I know they’ve got to sort out their pecking order, but they were petrified of her. I did take her out, and put her in “the naughty run” on her own a couple of times. The 3 naked girls are still too shy and timid to be introduced to the old girls. When I let them out in the garden to play together, the 3 timid ones stay in their house where their happy for most of the time. Once the snow clears, then I’ll let them out in the garden again together, and hopefully they’ll be ok. Little and often I think is the key.

  2. We adopted hens from the same organisation last November and I’ve been very impressed with how docile they are. They allow my three year old to cuddle them in return for corn! Lovely that you’ve managed to feather yours up so well!

    • Glad you adopted some hens from BHWT as well. They are very docile little things. Very scared to start with, but soon their confidence grows. I keep letting mine out in the garden together, and they’re getting on, with the occasional squabble. They’re still not all in together, but it won’t be long, a couple of weeks I’m guessing. The 3 timid ones are very scared of most things still, but are slowly calming down. It’s a big world outside for them, and they just need to get used to it. their feathers are growing really well, and are no longer naked.

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