A Christmas gift for my chickens!

Whether it’ll all be ready for Christmas I don’t know, only time will tell, and if the weather behaves. Today I started digging out the base where I need to lay the concrete base for the chickens new shed to go on. Some of the digging was easy and other bit were a right pain in the backside, because there are still some massive tree roots in the ground. Still I’ll get them out. How far I’ll get today is another matter. But I’ve got all afternoon (well until it gets dark), so off we go.

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1 Response to A Christmas gift for my chickens!

  1. NebraskaDave says:

    Claire, progress on the garden area is moving right along. Terra Nova Gardens has many buried treasures that I dig up all the time. Even after six years of digging, I still find metal parts from cars or machinery. However, I know where they came from. Terra Nova Gardens was a vacant lot for decades and was used by the neighborhood to dump unwanted things. The first year was spent cleaning up the lot from brush, weeds, vines, and junk that was dumped there. At least all the creepy doll heads with no eyes are gone now. I must have found at least a dozen or so during the cleanup process. Rocks are abundant at Terra Nova Gardens. They’re really not rocks per se but small pebble size to baseball size chunks of busted up concrete. I’ll be digging out rocks forever, I think.

    Have a great chicken house base building day.

    Nebraska Dave

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