Sunday 5th November 2017 – Timber!!!!!

For many people the 5th of November is synonymous with firework and Guy Fawkes and the failed plot to blow up the King and the houses or Parliament. But in our family the 5th of November will be the date that we finally got rid of our 10, 8 meter tall Cyprus trees at the bottom of our garden, and got our entire garden space back from the horrors of the conifer family!! Paul and his lovely assistant (not Debbie Mcgee) worked very hard, from just before 9am until they’d finished at about 2pm. They used a large tractor/grabby thing to pull the trees out, roots and all. We now have so much more light that is coming into the house, and have a very different view. We are having a new fence up in on Thursday of this week, and then I can get the greenhouses up and the chickens in their new shed at the end of the garden sorted. All that is stopping the horses, in the field at the back from venturing into our garden is a very thin electric fence. Only time will tell if it works. But if the horses do come in the garden, I can save up their droppings. Not sure what the chickens will make of them though.

Here’s how it all unfolded yesterday…..

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