Planting little baby JA’s and starting the mound.

Another day to play in the garden. It is hard work, honestly, but because I enjoy it, it’s rather fun. I’m very luck to be able to do this, when everyone else works so hard at school and work. But I am also the local taxi service, to and from the train station, which is 4 miles away. There’s no other way to get there, except walk, and no one wants to do that at 6am. You have to sacrifice some things, when you live in the middle of know where. So today in the garden I planted some Jerusalem Artichokes that I dug up from my allotment, and planted in pots and kept in the greenhouse. The large chokes that I dug up had rotted away, but had left some little baby chokes behind. So I planted those in the prepared raised bed, and then started clearing the mound. I wonder if I’ll find anything, and how far I’ll get? How much rubbish is there going to be? That’s the big question…….

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