Let’s cover up the gardens nakedness….

Gardening is a bit like decorating a room. There is an awful lot of preparation to do before you can start to hang the new wall paper. You have to strip the old paper off, wash down the walls, fill in any holes, sand down the walls, wash the walls again, and then you’re ready to start hanging the new wall paper. I know, I’ve done it so many times. Luckily in our new house we just need to paint the walls, so that’s great. Gardening is very similar. It takes a lot of preparation before you can start planting. Even a small bed takes a while. You have to remove any unwanted vegetation and it’s roots, prune the plants you want to keep, clear the soil of any rubbish and large stones, make sure the soil is suitable for replanting, and then when all that is finally done you can start planting. Today was the day that I could finally plant under the willow tree. It’s taken a while to get it ready, but today the willow tree got some new neighbours, and today was they all moved in. All went well with the moving team (namely me, my trowel and my watering can), and now they’re all settled, and hopefully they’ll all get along very well.

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