Friday 23rd September 2016 – Good old Ikea blue bags!!

September is still being glorious, even though we are now technically in Autumn. Another lovely warm and sunny day today 23 degrees and blue sky. I spent a little over 3 hours on the allotment today, mainly weeding and working through each bed as I go. I was very pleased with what I managed to get through which is always a good feeling. I have now completely cleared and weeded one of my Rhubarb patches, the other one is nearly done. But I’ve harvested the last of this years Rhubarb, which again has grown really well. Cover the Rhubarb crowns with a thick layer of rotten manure once they’re cleared, and this will feed the plants over the winter. Then the following year you will be rewarded with yet more wonderful Rhubarb. It’s difficult to know what container to put your Rhubarb pickings in as the stems vary so much in shape and size. But today, after all these years, I found the perfect thing. The Ikea blue bag!! You can buy these from any store and they’re about 50p I think. I’ve had mine for years, and I think mine was only about 20p when I got it. They’re strong bags as well, and have short and long handles.

The Ikea blue bag is useful for so many things.

The Ikea blue bag is useful for so many things.

I continued with my weeding and managed 3 barrow loads of stuff. Some for the compost heap and the weedy stuff and couch grass roots for the green waste pile. There is still a lot to do before everything is ready for winter, but I feel like I’m making some head way which is great. I sat on my bench to have my lunch and left my trowel on the wood chip path. When I came back to continue with the weeding a couple of snail wanted to join in with my weeding. I told them they wouldn’t be very helpful as they don’t have posable thumbs, so put them somewhere else. I’m all for having a helping hand when it comes to weeding, but snail aren’t very helpful.

Snail wanting to help with the weeding....I don't think so!

Snail wanting to help with the weeding….I don’t think so!


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13 Responses to Friday 23rd September 2016 – Good old Ikea blue bags!!

  1. Awesome update thank you for sharing i just put some Lilly of the valley were my sunflowers were but did not film it but will take photo as were it was i never saw it

  2. Helen says:

    A good crop of rhubarb there. I’ve been trying to decide whether to pick anymore rhubarb or just leave it on the plant to let it feed itself.

    By the way, I’ve learned that rhubarb likes slightly acidic soil, so I’m going to try a pine needle mulch this autumn as well as a good dollop of homemade compost.

  3. Margaret Buchanan says:

    Hi Claire
    What a grand crop of rhubarb. What do you usually do with your rhubarb? I usually just freeze mine. Wish I was as far on as you with the weeding. Managed to tidy up some of the containers where the green beans had been growing. Still picking runner beans. Hopefully this coming week will be fine and dry to get some more work done.

    • I’ve had so much rhubarb this year that I gave the last lot to friends. I’ve made Rhubarb ad ginger jam in the past, and lemon, orange and rhubarb marmalade. Years ago I tried rhubarb wine, but can’t remember how that turned out. Crumbles and pies are great for packing away in the freezer, so you can eat over the winter.

  4. NebraskaDave says:

    Claire, the temperature here today topped out at 31C with the heat index even higher. Broke a record for high temperature for this day. Our average temperature is supposed to be around 24C for this time of the year. It’s a very strange Fall for sure. The leaves are starting to just fall from the trees without turning Fall colors. I don’t know what to make of it.

    I have started my Fall garden cleanup but have not had to do it before in such hot weather. The tomatoes are loving this weather and are starting flush again. Buckets of tomatoes are coming from just seven plants. At this time of the year people have eaten their fill of tomatoes and wouldn’t take any more even if I paid them. I’m not sure what to do with them all. I have plenty in storage that will last me for a long time that have bottled (canned). I hate to just throw them in the compost heap but it might come to that.

    I think my rhubarb died. A friend gave me some and I planted it last fall only to find that this Spring the rhubarb had been planted in a garden wet spot. I don’t think it fared well and give up the fight about midway through the summer. I’m not a big fan of rhubarb anyway so it didn’t really break my heart.

    Have a great day cleaning up the allotment. (Picture of my progress)

    • That’s some hot temperatures. Our weather has cooled down now. Back to what we’d normally expect for September which is late teens to low 20’s. Such a shame your rhubarb didn’t take, but they like free draining soil. They are thirsty plants so like water, but don’t like wet roots.

  5. Brambles & Twine says:

    I love rhubarb and tempted to make Rhubarb Gin 🙂 I’m nursing mine back to health after finding it buried under a bonkers bramble bush. Do you eat it all year? and do you pull all the leaves off leaving just the crown? Thank you 🙂

    • Oh rhubarb gin sounds fabulous!! To nurse back your plant just water it well and surround it with a blanket of well rotten manure. I rescued a load that someone had thrown away on the allotment site, and it’s still growing beautifully over 10 years on. I’ll start to harvest around May/June time and then go on until September ish. Weather dependant.

  6. C9Allotment says:

    Hello Claire, 1st time sending a message on a blog so I hope it gets to you. I’ve used alot of those ‘lifetime’ bags that supermarkets sell for growing loads of veg, really good for spuds and any veg really as long as drainage is thought about. By the way I luv your videos and just discovered your blog also, keep up the great work

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