Friday 9th September 2016 – Just more weeding.

Nothing new to report today, so I expect this will be quite short and sweet today. I was down on my plot for a couple of hours this morning working my way through yet more beds. I have now pulled up all my brown Sweet corn plants as I have harvested all the corn this year. Both varieties “Sweet Nugget F1” and “Swift F1” both did really well, so I’ll be growing those again next year. You can only figure out what varieties of various seeds grow best for you, by trying different one. Once you’ve found the right ones for you, stick to it. The brassicas that I’m growing in between the Sweetcorn now have more room to spread, so hopefully they’ll enjoy the extra space I’ve now given them. I harvested some more black Radish and found a few rogue Onions growing. But I managed to turn over a couple of beds and it’s starting to look a bit neater now. See I told you short and sweet. Have a great weekend.

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2 Responses to Friday 9th September 2016 – Just more weeding.

  1. thank you for sharing have a blessed day

  2. NebraskaDave says:

    Claire, more rain here so no gardening or yard work today. It rain just enough to keep me out of the garden. I’m hoping to get some major time in with weeding and preparing the beds for next year’s gardening.

    Have a great day on the allotment.

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