Tuesday 30th August 2016 – And you’re saying they’re wrong because?

Another great couple of hours up the allotment today. I managed to dig up all the remaining Potatoes I planted this year. I’ve got some rogue ones growing in other patches so as I clear those beds then I’ll find them. I also harvested a load of Carrots and some very small Onions today. They’ve not grown very well at all this year. I don’t know why. They started off really well and then once I planted them outside in the ground they just decided that they’d had enough. Oh well! I also harvested some more Spring Onions and a load more Tomatoes. Then just before I left to come home I pulled up some more Beetroot and some Chard that has mysteriously decided to grow in the same row. I didn’t sow any this year, so where this one plant came from I don’t know. Still I’ll make the most of it and eat it until it’s done. Now as you know I’m not one for perfect vegetables. The stranger they are the better, so I thought you’d like to see my favourite ones.

You wouldn't find these in the supermarket.

You wouldn’t find these in the supermarket.

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7 Responses to Tuesday 30th August 2016 – And you’re saying they’re wrong because?

  1. Awesome update thank you for sharing have a blessed day

  2. NebraskaDave says:

    Claire, gnarly dude or in your case dudette. I’m not sure if they use gnarly or dudette in Brittan but you get the idea that it’s meaning is extremely out of the normal. Carrots are difficult to grow straight. The slightest bit of resistance will cause them to go all wonky. Most of the articles I’ve read about growing straight carrots, encourage one to grow them in a carrot box that has a high concentration of sand that’s a couple feet deep. I’ve only grown carrots once and I planted them in the fall when it was too cold to sprout the seeds but still not cold enough to freeze the ground. The next spring much to my surprise, they grew and turned into some mighty fine carrots. I’ve always wondered why I haven’t tried that again. That was like 40 years ago.

    Have a great gnarly carrot day at the allotment.

    • I love the word gnarly! We have some very old gnarly trees in this county. Never been called a dudette before though. I have grown some lovely straight carrots. One year I wanted a wonky one, but couldn’t find one for love nor money. But this year they seem to be plentiful. Have a great day to.

  3. Mike says:

    I have found chard in the beetroot too, I think rogue seeds get in the packet.
    Great videos by the way, catch up with them when I can

  4. robertburgess says:

    They look terrified Clair what did you say to them.

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