Thursday 25th August 2016 – A very hot greenhouse!

This heat is getting exhausting. I never thought I would want there to be rain, but a quick shower wouldn’t go amiss please. I’ve not been to the allotment today or even yesterday because it’s just too hot, and it would be unwise to be out in that sort of heat for too long. I did however brave the heat in the greenhouse at home to give you an update on how everything is getting on in there. I hope you enjoy the short little film I managed to do. By the end I have a very sweaty forehead and it kept dripping in my eyes. But I’m a professional so I didn’t make a fuss.

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2 Responses to Thursday 25th August 2016 – A very hot greenhouse!

  1. Awesome update i got green toms but no red ones yet not sure why got a lovely gherkin cucumber my couchette died but will try again

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