Congratulations Emily!!

Our daughter Emily got her GCSE results today. She worked very hard studying for these, and during the exam time she stayed very calm and had no melt down of any sort. She wanted me to come with her this morning when she picked her results up from school, just for a bit of moral support. Mark and I are very pleased to announce that she got the following results:

English Language – A

History, Additional Science and Media Studies – All B’s

Maths, Science, Food Tech, Spanish and English Literature – All C’s

This means that she has more than enough to now do A levels in English Language and Literature, Media Studies and Psychology.

Congratulations Emily you worked very hard and we’re very proud of you.

Congratulations Emily on your fantastic results!!

Congratulations Emily on your fantastic results!!

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10 Responses to Congratulations Emily!!

  1. oh my gosh she’s your double Claire! Fantastic results, well done xxx will try and get over for some more ringing at Epsom some time 🙂

  2. randy says:

    Yay, congrats from over the pond…. Growing a young woman is very very hard and requires lots of work…. Yay for all.

  3. Congratulations Emily on your fantastic results!!

  4. Robert Myers says:

    She should be very happy she looks like she is about cry. Emily good job here is your 6 star’s ******

  5. NebraskaDave says:

    Claire, congrats to Emily. I’m not sure what GCSE testing is so I googled it. I can now see that it’s quite a big deal. The explanation that I read said that it takes about two years to complete with much course work along the way. So, yea, good job Emily.

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