How is the garden growing in Spain?

It’s been a couple of years since we’ve been to Spain, so here is an update of what Mum and Dad have been getting up to.

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12 Responses to How is the garden growing in Spain?

  1. sowgrowrow says:

    What a fab place – glad you could do a film to show us the difference. Thank Claire.

  2. Paul greenwood says:

    Thanks Claire. That was a really interesting video. Its good to see what people grow in other parts of the world. I wonder what they do with all those Carobs though?

  3. Awesome update thank you for taking the time out to film while on holiday

  4. Daniel says:

    Spanish sun makes women sexier 🙂 I have a question. Did you parents change the soil under the tomatoes or the it is the original Spanish land ? As far as i know the Spanish land is not that good quality as the land in UK for gardening, but your video is busting that myth. God, please visit more often your parents and film more ! 🙂

    • The land they have is very poor. Further down the mountain you get the better it gets and is very fertile down the bottom. They are able to get hold of some good horse manure, so they added a load of that to their land to make it better.

      • Daniel says:

        Many thanks! Which part of Spain is it located? I live 4km from the seaside near Alicante. I am wondering if I should try to drill a well for garden watering, but mostly like i would hit salt water only.

    • They live in Alicante.

      • Daniel says:

        wow, then we are neighbours. If they need to drill a well, please let me know as more customers means more discounts

  5. rexgarden says:

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