Sunday 17th July 2016 – A very pleasant Sunday morning.

Because I’m in the middle of my Jury Duty, I’ve been unable to go down to my allotment at all this week. Emily, bless her, has been going down and watered my greenhouse. I leave early and get back late, and am totally knackered! So I made the most of this morning and after bell ringing I went and had a play for a couple of hours. My allotment seems to think that just because I’m busy that it can do what it likes and all the grass can grow really fast and the weeds think that they can have free run of everything. I soon put some of them back in their right place (or the green waste area). I weeded, watered and fed a couple more beds that contained my other variety of Sweet corn “Swift F1”, and some brassicas that I planted in between them.

Swift F1 Sweet corn. All fed and watered.

Swift F1 Sweet corn. All fed and watered.

The brassicas have been nibbled by the birds, but the centres are still in, so I’m hoping that they’ll recover to some degree. I also watered and fed everything that is in the greenhouse. Like the greenhouse at home all the plants are growing really well and I may have a Cucumber to harvest very soon!! Before I came home I harvested some more Spring Onions, Radish and a Lettuce. It’s all growing well, and hopefully it’ll continue to grow well and I’ll be harvesting masses very soon.

I'm very proud of this lettuce. I've got more nearly ready.

I’m very proud of this lettuce. I’ve got more nearly ready.

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4 Responses to Sunday 17th July 2016 – A very pleasant Sunday morning.

  1. NebraskaDave says:

    Claire, yea! Harvesting has begun here as well. So far six tomatoes, seven cucumbers, and eight ears of sweet corn with more on the way to harvest is the beginning of the summer harvest. Onions are the size of plums and still growing. July is the best gardening month for first fruit harvesting.

    Have the best ljury duty and harvesting ever.

  2. Awesome i harvested some more black currents and gooseberry and salad leaves so far have a blessed day

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