Saturday 16th July 2016 – Side Shooting Tomatoes & an Update!

Sorry I’ve not been blogging for a while, but I had Jury Duty last week and also this coming week. Hopefully I’ll finish early this week, so I can get back to normal. But the greenhouse at home is growing well. Well, not the greenhouse itself is growing, but the plants in it are. The Cucamelons are trying to take over and if I don’t keep an eye on them I have a feeling that in a few weeks they would have crept their way everywhere. Still the little fruits are starting to form which is really exciting. The Tomatoes are in need of some side shooting and tying in, and the flowers are appearing on my Sweet Peppers and Chillies. Here is a little update on how it’s all doing.

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2 Responses to Saturday 16th July 2016 – Side Shooting Tomatoes & an Update!

  1. NebraskaDave says:

    Claire, glad to hear that all your plants are doing well. This month is much better for the gardens than June. The rains have been more consistent and the temperatures have been more average. So far I’ve harvested six tomatoes with more on the way and 7 cucumbers and about the same number of sweet corn ears. The first planting of sweet corn is ready to be harvested. I guess about 120 ears of corn. The second planting will be ready inn a couple weeks.

    Have a great day on the allotment.

  2. Awesome update thank you for sharing have blessed day mine have started to flower now

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