Friday 17th June 2016 – Glass is sharp.

You may remember the photos I put up about the damage that Storm Katie did to my greenhouse on my allotment. I ended up loosing 11 panes of glass all together! I’ve been so busy with potting up and planting out that I’ve not yet been able to go and get the glass I needed. That is until today. I was waiting for a rainy day (and boy have we has lots of those lately). But today was supposed to be more rainy than the rest. So I went to finally get my glass from a lovely man about 8 miles away. Yes I know it’s a bit of a distance, but he’s very good and it’s good to support the small businesses. I went with the sizes and needed and the numbers of each size. They’re lovely in that place, and they cut what I needed while I waited, which wasn’t very long. In total all the glass together cost me just shy of £45, which isn’t that bad. I then drove very carefully to my allotment, going very slowly round the corners and bends. I could hear the glass moving about in the boot of the car. You’ll be glad to hear that I didn’t break any panes, so that was a big relief. I then proceeded to put the new glass in the greenhouse. It’s not a difficult thing to do (although the roof is a little on the tricky side), but work from the bottom and go up! I put the first pane in, and before I put the second pane on top, the back of a couple of my fingers caught the top of the pane I’d just put in. Fingers bleed a lot!! I had blood dripping down my fingers, and had nothing to stop it, apart from the bits of tissue paper between the panes of glass. I ended up putting my gloves on, and keeping them on, and the fabric from the gloves managed to help stem to blood flow. The cuts were only small, but there’s not much fat on fingers!! I got all the panes of glass in, without further injury, and now my greenhouse is complete again. I also went to my local garden centre to see if they had anymore spare pots in their recycling, which they had loads of the sizes I needed. This weekend I aim to continue potting up my Tomatoes, and hopefully I’ll get most of them done.

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10 Responses to Friday 17th June 2016 – Glass is sharp.

  1. So please that your allotment greenhouse has it glass back in it lovely update thank you for sharing have a blessed day

  2. Glazing terrifies me.
    A professional glazer once told he me never gets cut because he’s not afraid of the glass.

    I’ll stick to gardening.

  3. NebraskaDave says:

    Claire, working with glass scares me. One slip and disaster could happen. I’m glad it was only finger cuts and not bigger cuts some where else like on the head? I guess I’m just a big scaredy cat when it come to some things. Goodness gracious, what are you going to do with all those tomatoes. I get buried by tomatoes at the end of the season with just 14 plants. You have way more than that and keep most in the green house.

    Have a great day in the green house.

  4. Janet James says:

    I have a small first aid kit which I always keep on the allotment and another in the car. It is surprising how often it has come in handy. A few wet wipes, some antibac cleaner and a few assorted sticking plasters are essential for me.

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