Thursday 16th June 2016 – I’m sorry Bumble bees for disturbing you!

I’m all for saving those mini beasts and insects that are useful in the garden, and do my best to keep them happy. Slugs and Snails on the other hand I would happily get rid of without any question. I spent about 4 hours on my allotment today, again sheltering from the showers in the greenhouse as they made themselves known. I’ve managed to pot up more Tomatoes, and only need another 21, 6 inch pots, to pot up my Cucumbers, Aubergine, Melons and the rest of my Tomatoes that are in the greenhouse in the allotment. The Tomatoes in the greenhouse at home are another matter. Once I did all I could in my greenhouse, I also weeded 3 beds. The weeds have grown so fast it’s quite scary. I also managed to wood chip another couple of paths so that was good as well. I’ve still got more paths to do, but hopefully I’ll get those done soon. As I was removing a load of bind weed that is growing round one of my compost heaps, I noticed that there were lots of Bumble Bees buzzing around. Usually you see a few, but this seemed a little on the strange side as there were a lot of them. I realised very quickly that they have a nest in my compost heap! So I left what I’ve not removed, and hopefully they won’t mind and will continue to live in their little home. I was going to sort out that compost heap this summer, but may have to leave it until the bees have moved away. Bumble bees are on the decline due to their habitats being destroyed, and are very useful for pollinating the flowers and vegetables. I therefore need to keep them safe. I’ll have to be very careful this year to not disturb them any further, and I hope I’ve not upset them too much. Before I left, I harvested some more Strawberries. We’ll have some for pudding tonight and the rest I’ll save to make some jam with. Once I’ve weeded a bed, then I’m planting a Sunflower in the bed. Make sure you protect them from slugs and snails and also stake them well. We’ll see how tall they get this year. I’ll keep you posted.

That's one eighth done, just seven eighths left to go!!

That’s one eighth done, just seven eighths left to go!!

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8 Responses to Thursday 16th June 2016 – I’m sorry Bumble bees for disturbing you!

  1. Awesome update i am sure the bumble bees will be fine have a blessed evening

  2. fiona says:

    Hi Claire. I’ve just inherited an allotment 😁 Decided on your advice just to concentrate on one bed. Not got any seeds growing as it was all quite sudden. Can you advice what I could put in straight into the ground now straight from the packet. You are a very inspiring gardener. I love your sense of humour and think you for spending the time to educate us novices. Much appreciated. Fiona

    • Hi Fiona, You can sow any variety of peas (sugar snap, mangetout, peas), Spring onions, Radish, Lettuce. If you get them in quick you can still grow climbing beans (French or Runner). Small round Carrots and Beetroot. Go any buy some other plants from the garden centre like Cabbage, Courgettes etc. Some people feel bad about not growing everything from seed, but don’t. Hope you have fun this year.

      • fiona says:

        Many thanks
        Quick trip to garden centre I think.
        Keep up the great blogs and videos. You should have your own show on the tele! 😃

  3. Helen says:

    Fingers crossed your bumble bees have settled down again!

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