Saturday 21st May 2016 – All my Beans are in!!

Yesterday I went and bought another 2 bags of 120 litres of Multi Purpose compost. Hopefully this should do me for a while, but I expect I’ll have to buy some more because of all the millions (slight exaggeration) of Tomatoes I’ve got to pot up into 6 inch pots soon. This morning I was out at a fellow bell ringers tower outing. I was only available for the morning as I had to get back to my own bell tower to ring for a wedding. But this morning was loads of fun and we rang at St Michael’s Yorktown, St Michaels Sandhurst and St James Finchampstead. All very interesting bells, some a little trickier than others. Thank you Jenny for inviting me to join you this morning and I hope that I was of some use. This afternoon when I got home I went out into my greenhouse and planted the rest of my Runner Beans “Firelight” and all my Climbing French Beans “Cobra”. The greenhouse at home is now bursting at the seams again, so I will have to move some more bits and pieces to the greenhouse on the allotment soon, and all so start to pot up some of the Tomatoes into 6 inch pots. But I think that’s enough for today, it’s getting late and I need to start dinner, otherwise the family will be on their knees begging me to not let them starve!!

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5 Responses to Saturday 21st May 2016 – All my Beans are in!!

  1. Awesome update thank you for sharing have a blessed day

  2. NebraskaDave says:

    Claire, yes, it is the season to be busy in the garden. Now that school is out and my responsibilities to get the grandson up, fed, and off to school have ended for the summer, I will be able to spend at least two hours and more as the sun comes up earlier in the garden. Starting tomorrow, I’ll be in Terra Nova gardens which is about 20 minutes away about 5:30am. I’ll enjoy a quick cup of coffee as the light gets brighter and then the gardening with begin. I’ll be closing up the last breach in the six foot wooden fence and planting the second planting of sweet corn. I’ll be planting the second bush green bean bed as well and maybe more tomatoes. Early morning is a great time of the day to be out in the garden. It doesn’t get any better than watching the world wake up with Folgers (Coffee brand) in my cup. Yeah, life is good, don’t you think?

    Have a great bean planting day.

  3. sowgrowrow says:

    I must get into the habit of putting the name of my plants in my blog so if they go well I can get them again.

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