Saturday 7th May 2016 – Potting up Sweet Peppers and lots more tomatoes.

Yes today is World Naked Gardening Day (first Saturday in May), and this afternoon I’ve been in my very hot greenhouse wearing minimal clothing. Gravity takes over on certain parts of the body as you get older, and naked crouching is never very attractive, whatever age your are. This afternoon I potted up 18 Sweet Pepper seedlings. They’ve been growing well, but were very slow to start. Like me they don’t like the cold.

Once I had done the Sweet Peppers, I then continued with the mammoth task of potting on my Tomato seedlings. I’ve managed to pot up loads more, but still have a couple of varieties left to do. Hopefully I’ll be able to get those done tomorrow. So I now have another 18 “Moneymaker”, 12 “Bountiful” and 45 “Garden Pearl”. Not sure where I’ll put all those, but I’m sure I’ll find space somewhere. Now it’s time to put on a t-shirt and go and get some Fish and Chips for dinner. It’s been a busy day. I had a bell ringing competition this morning. In our Guild, we have 4 Districts, and we were competing against each other. Sounds a bit like The Hunger Games, but no one dies. You’re told what method to ring, and this year it was Double Norwich Court Bob Major (like you all know what that is). You’re judged on your striking, rhythm and general performance. It’s very competitive. I’m very please to report that we came first!!  I’m still in shock. The last, and only time that our District won was in 2011, and the competition has been going for decades. We won by one and a half points!! So to celebrate we’re having fish and chips and I’m having a beer.

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1 Response to Saturday 7th May 2016 – Potting up Sweet Peppers and lots more tomatoes.

  1. NebraskaDave says:

    Claire, I didn’t really know how fortunate I was. We here in my area can grow everything outside in the ground. Most gardeners don’t even have a green house. Like me, they start there seedlings under grow lights, pot them up when they can, and set them outside in the ground about now. We don’t have a problem with blight much here but vine borers are the challenge. There are many ways to combat the nasty little buggers so I’ll be trying some of those out this year.

    My green peppers were slow to germinate this year as well. I may have to buy a couple plants from the local nursery just to get a few green peppers early. The seedlings will be ok for later in the summer. I’m learning not to be so quick to plant all the plants at the same time. The glut is too much for me to handle at one time. With experience comes wisdom. 🙂

    Yeah, won’t be celebrating global naked gardener day. I hear you about sagging body parts. I see you reposted part 200. That was my first knowledge of the day.

    Have a great potting up greenn peppers day.

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