Thursday 5th May 2016 – How did I miss those?

Another glorious morning on my allotment this morning. Today is even hotter than yesterday, and I took the plunge today and wore my shorts. Yes I know, shock horror! My long gangly white legs were out for everyone to see. No one fainted at the sight of them, so that was good. On my plot this morning, I dug over a rather large bed where last year I grew some Sarpo Mira potatoes. Now you may remember the size of some of them? Most of them were normal sized but some were huge! I found several that were large, so have no idea how I managed to miss them when I dug the rest of them up last year. I’ve got enough to do mashed potato for all 4 of us for dinner, and the kids eat a lot of mashed potato. I love little surprises, don’t you?

How I managed to miss these last year I don't know. Still there's enough for mashed potato for 4 people.

How I managed to miss these last year I don’t know. Still there’s enough for mashed potato for 4 people.

I also weeded some of the tyres that I’m growing Strawberries in, and filled the gaps with plants that have started to grow outside the allocated Strawberry bed. Flowers have started to appear on my Strawberry plants already, which is a little earlier than I would anticipate. Hopefully I’ll have a wonderful crop this year and will make loads of jam!! I managed to dig over one bed and half of the next bed, so that was a good mornings work. I’m hoping to get down tomorrow afternoon again. The weather is supposed to stay fine and dry, so I’m going to make the most of it while it’s still here.

Weed free, but for how long?

Weed free, but for how long?

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5 Responses to Thursday 5th May 2016 – How did I miss those?

  1. NebraskaDave says:

    Claire, my strawberries are in full bloom as well. All three plants. Yeah those pesky deer ate the strawberries plants and all last year. This year the wooden deer fence is done so I’m hoping for a handful from the five survivor plants from the 30 planted. It’s an awesome day here in Nebraska and the first bed of sweet corn will be planted before the rains start again on Saturday.

    Volunteer surprises are always nice. They are always the healthiest plants. I had one volunteer cabbage plant. Turns out all it wanted was to go to seed and not produce a head so I pulled it out and planted flowers in that part of the bed.

    Have a great day on the allotment.

    • Deer can decimate a crop in minutes. I hope that your strawberries are safe this year. Hope you get your corn in before the rains. I’ll be putting my corn out in 2-3 weeks.

  2. Awesome update Claire blessing for sharing

  3. Creativeme says:

    My tomato seedlings had to get repotted a couple weeks back and now they are HUGE and some have even started flowering! This week is supposed to very very hot, I’m worried the pollen will cook I. The greenhouse, should I take the risk and put them out in the ground this weekend? And the squad seedlings all grew true leaves already, should I set them out too? I’m thinking the green bean seeds can be planted too. It’s just so ahead of schedule this year!

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