Wednesday 17th February 2016 – Sowing Brukale

You know that I like to try new things. Well here’s one for you all to try. These used to be called Flower Sprouts, but have now changed their name (by Deed Poll) to Brukale. They are a cross between a Brussels Sprout and Kale. I have sown these many years before and they did fairly well, but they were very new. So now they’ve been improved, I’m hoping for great things this year. The variety is called “Petit Posy” and are a member of the Brassica family. If you can find them please do give them a go. I’ll keep you updated on their progress and hopefully in the autumn I’ll show you how to cook them.

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5 Responses to Wednesday 17th February 2016 – Sowing Brukale

  1. If only I had more time to get more digging done before these need sowing! I would definitely want to try these if I could, they look and sound great! Will have to put them on the list for next year 😀

  2. lovely update thank you for sharing will look out for them have a blessed day

  3. They turn out beautiful! I sow mine in soil blocks in June, July (Everett, Washington, USA) and am enjoying them now. They were not much to write home about UNTIL we had a hard freeze. Suddenly, like so many kales, they became nutty and sweet. They are also VERY cute in my bentos and winter salad. During fall when they were just starting to become pretty, I did not think I would grow them again. Changed my mind after a freeze. Perfect in mini tarts (quiches). Hope you love them!

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