Tuesday 16th February 2016 – Cabbage and Kohl Rabi

More brassicas have been sown today, it’s all very exciting. Today I’ve sown 2 varieties of Cabbage, firstly “Primo (11)” and also “All year Round Blend”. These have both grown really well in previous years, so I’m expecting great things from them this year, and so are the chickens because they’ll get all the outer leaves. I also sowed a load of Kohl Rabi “Modrava F1”. Again these have grown very well in previous years. I did have one that split in 4 once and that looked rather odd, but I grew it, so I shouldn’t really be surprised. You can also get a mixed packet of Kohl Rabi, they look wonderful when they grow because they’re all sorts of different shapes and colours. Still lots to do in the greenhouse, loads more to sow. I’ll be very busy over the next couple of weeks.

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2 Responses to Tuesday 16th February 2016 – Cabbage and Kohl Rabi

  1. Lesley wright says:

    I have only just acquired an allotment ,sept last year and it was awfully overgrown so I am busy digging ,there is loads of couch grass and also it’s clay soil so we are having raised beds which takes a lot of timeI. But I love your videos they are so helpful even though I am not ready for a lot ,but I am learning from you in fact I watched how you did the garlic and I have planted some so fingers crossed thanks for the videos Lesley

    • Hi Lesley, So glad to hear that you’ve got an allotment. Clay soil is a nightmare, so raised beds in the best way forward. What I would suggest you do is the following: Once you’ve made a raised bed, line the base with thick cardboard, then fill each bed with a mixture or Ballast (which is sand and pebbles,this will help with the drainage), well rotten manure and bog standard soil (nothing fancy). Mix it all together as best you can. Fill each bed to the very top. Don’t worry it’ll drop slightly over a couple of months. Because you have a problem with couch grass the cardboard will stop it growing through. Then the paths round the outside, it’s up to you, either leave as grass paths, but you’ll have to mow them. Or put weed suppressant down and a load of wood chips on the top (try and get them for free, someone on your allotment site may know a tree surgeon and he can deliver). Hope this helps. Good luck and have fun, Claire x

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