Friday 4th December 2015 – My plants are very confused.

Now it doesn’t take much to confuse me, as I’m sure you’d figured out over the time that I’ve been blogging and so forth. But it seems that the weather is really confusing my plants as well. I was up the allotment today digging over beds and trying to sort out one of my compost heaps. The weather is still about 10 degrees warmer than it should be and this mild weather is really confusing my plants. As I was weeding over the Asparagus bed I noticed some new spears trying to grow. Now at this time of year they should be dormant and having a big sleep to get all the energy they need to grow next year. But this doesn’t seem to be the case. If this weather continues what will that do to next years harvest? Will we get a bumper crop, or if they start to grow now and we have lots of harsh, late frosts will that mean that everything is ruined? Now I know I’m not that old, but, when I was younger I remember 4 seasons at the correct time of year. Not 4 seasons in 1 day. Well I guess only time will tell what happens. I’ll keep you updated on what happens. I’ve still got lots more to do before it’s all ready for winter (whenever that decides to come). All I hope is that we don’t them get a load of snow and it lasts until May, not that would really annoy me.

New Asparagus spears growing in December!! This isn't supposed to happen.

New Asparagus spears growing in December!! This isn’t supposed to happen.

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7 Responses to Friday 4th December 2015 – My plants are very confused.

  1. Linda Penney says:

    strange weather we having Claire confusing everyone i think

  2. Allotmental says:

    My daffs and bluebells already up and away. Daffs by xmas?? 😃

  3. Vincent Neale (powerspade) says:

    We had a cold snap a couple of week ago then it went mild and my Rhubarb think that Spring has arrived as it has sprouted a couple of stems and leaves I may have Rhubarb crumble instead of Pudding for Christmas

  4. ronald allen says:

    no problem….sitting by the heater here in oceanside…ocean air cold fogy and brisk…. thinking about what you said about rutabaga in your utube ….and going to home depot to buy staples for my oil painting stretcher frame…..will read more…ra

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