Wednesday 2nd December 2015 – It smells so good!!

There are certain crops that you harvest that smell fairly nice, and then there are other crops that smell so good!! I harvested one of those today. About 4 years ago now I planted a small Horseradish plant which I got from Victoriana Nursery. It came in a 3 inch pot. It was so very tiny and small and looked like a baby in a king sized bed. Over the years it’s grown bigger and bigger. I’ve never harvested any of it, but have been meaning to. But today was the day. I nearly broke my large fork in the process, but didn’t, which is good. But I harvested my first piece. Horseradish you eat the root, which I know sounds a bit odd, but that’s the way it is. I love horseradish, and so does Mark and my dad. I am very proud to announce that after lots of pushing, panting and straining, out popped this little bundle of joy!!

My first Horseradish harvest. I'm so proud. Note the worm photo bombing!!

My first Horseradish harvest. I’m so proud!!

I’m assuming it’ll be rather hot, but will let you know when I eat it. I also harvested the penultimate cabbage, and some more kale for the chickens. Once this was done I started to clear the strawberry bed of debris. It’s good to cut away all the dead and dying leaves every year and give the bed a de-clutter. We all like a bit of space. Then it was home for lunch. I just missed the drizzle we had, so that would handy. I also managed to clear the bed where the Pop corn was growing this year, so that was also a bonus.

The old Popcorn bed all ready for winter. That's another one sorted, only a few more to go.

The old Popcorn bed all ready for winter. That’s another one sorted, only a few more to go.

Now it’s just mainly clearing and weeding, with the odd bit to harvest, but that’s basically it for this year on the allotment. Don’t worry, I’ve still got more bits to let you know about, so you can’t get rid of me that easily.

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5 Responses to Wednesday 2nd December 2015 – It smells so good!!

  1. Helen says:

    I’m sure the horseradish will have a punch to it!

  2. Awesome post as always thank you for sharing have a blessed day

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