Monday 3rd August 2015 – My first Okra!!

I popped to the allotment this morning for a couple of hours and left the kids at home with a list of chores I needed them to do. Nothing too strenuous like build and extension or redecorate a room. They seem to enjoy me giving them a little list it chores, which is great, and they always do them all. Now that I’m harvesting various vegetables, I’m clearing certain areas so I’m sowing more seeds in the empty spaces. So this morning I sowed rows of the following: Spring Onions “Winter White Bunching” and “White Lisbon”, Radish “Bright Lights”, Lettuce “Best Bulls Blood Soldier”, Rocket and some more Carrots “Autumn King 2” The carrots are to fill in some gaps in the rows where I’m growing other carrots. This will hopefully mean that I’ll have some ready much later on in the season. They may be a little smaller, but at least they’ll be tasty. Once I got home we all had lunch and then I went into the garden to do various bits. I’m very proud to announce that I’ve just harvested my first Okra!! I’m so chuffed, I’ve finally done it. There are more growing which is great and lots more flowers forming. After years of trying it’s finally worked. Not sure what I did different, but hey ho.

My first Okra baby. I'm so proud!!

My first Okra baby. I’m so proud!!


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3 Responses to Monday 3rd August 2015 – My first Okra!!

  1. Helen says:

    Are your okra plants outside?

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