Wednesday 15th July 2015 – Let’s banish those weeds!!

Again today was a day of weeding, watering and feeding. Robbie and I started where we left off yesterday, but I only had him for a couple of hours today. But we made the most of that time and swapped between weeding or watering as we went along. When we first arrived on site, I asked him to open the shed as I had to pop for a quick chat with a fellow plot holder (only a little chat). When I got back to Robbie he had got everything out that we needed, had opened the greenhouse and was already weeding. I was very impressed. By the time we finished, plot 2 is now perfect and weed free again, and watered thoroughly, and plot 1 is very nearly done. Hopefully by the end of the week it’ll be perfect as well. I’ve only got Robbie once more and that is Friday, so tomorrow I’ll be on my own with my music to keep me company, and the distant shouts and screams from the race track near by, because my daughter’s school is having their sports day there.

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7 Responses to Wednesday 15th July 2015 – Let’s banish those weeds!!

  1. lovely update thank you for posting Claire I have itchy hands just need the base screwed down

  2. must been along chat claire for rob to get all that done happy gardening lol

  3. Allotmental says:

    There seems to be a lot of thistly type weeds at the most…. And I still don’t use gloves to pull them out😕

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