Tuesday 30th June 2015 – I had a little helper today.

Oh my what a hot day!! The car said 31 degrees this afternoon and tomorrow is supposed to be even hotter. I had a little helper with me today, well I say little, I think Robbie is even taller than I am. He’s 19 and I know him from bell ringing. He’s on his summer break from college and was looking for something to do. Now I’m not one for turning down help, especially when I have a lot to sort out on my plot. He was with me for just under 4 hours today, helping with tying in the Tomatoes in the greenhouse, then weeding, watering, spreading wood chips and various other jobs. I made sure that he had plenty of drink, sun cream on, a hat and some food before we left his parents house. It was incredibly hot up the allotment today and we did everything at what I would call a sensible pace, but I think I exhausted him. We worked for the first hour and 15 minutes straight without a break, then sat down for 10 minutes and then did a bit more before we sat down for lunch. After lunch I let him loose with the hose to water various beds, as I continued with weeding. There was a little bit of water being sprayed at each other very briefly, but it was very welcome in the heat. Before I took him home, we went to Homebase and got a couple more bags of compost. Robbie was convinced that he would carry the compost, even though I told him the bags were 120 litres each. When he saw the size of each bag he realised that a trolley was very necessary. He helped me carry both bags from the car to our garden, and then it was time to get him back home. I think I exhausted him something chronic, and he should sleep well tonight, although he may have had a nap this afternoon. Thank you Robbie for all your help today. Same again tomorrow?

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