Sock and Glove and all their friends!!

Way back in 2007 Mark wrote and filmed and I narrated the voices for 4 little short Sock and Glove films for a book called “Sock and Glove” that Orion Group Publishing. Loads of other people were involved as well in the making of these films from those who made the fabulous puppets to the puppets masters, music and my dear old friend Dick Smith whose house is the “Tumbled down house”. What made Mark and I look these up last night I don’t know, but we did, so I thought that I would let you see them. Click on the Episode to view it. I hope you enjoy them. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin….“>Episode 1 “Hello”“>Episode 2 “Huffy”“>Episode 3 “Scary!”“>Episode 4 “Wonky”


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