Friday 26th June 2015 – 2 trips to the allotment!!

Today was a funny sort of day. I was supposed to be down the allotment all morning and had to leave by about noon because we were having a new car delivered between 1-5pm. I would just like to point out that the company Mark works for insisted that we get a new car and we’re not treating ourselves. We’d had our old one for 6 years, 2 years longer than we were supposed to, as we kept asking to hang on to it because we loved it so much. But the time had come, so we chose a new one. However, I had just got in the allotment site and was just unpacking my stuff when my phone went and the man delivering our new car told me he would be to my house in about 45 minutes time!! He had travelled all the way from the Midlands with the car on a low loader, so I wasn’t going to tell him to wait. So after only having to time put another staging section and another 6 Tomatoes in the greenhouse I came home and waited. The man arrived shortly afterwards and after off loading the car and giving me a tour of how to work it and stuff he left. After lunch I then went back down the allotment, this time in the new car. It only had 9 miles on the clock when we got it. It has that new car smell to it, which will soon go. But it’s very lovely and comfortable to drive. I continued with the weeding and cutting of the long grass. The Broad beans are now free of weeds and I feel like I’m making some progress on getting plot 1 under control. After a couple of hours I then came home, but didn’t want to park the new car next to the old car just incase it got upset. Mark said I was being sill, maybe I am, but I don’t know about you, but I get very attached to our car. The old car is being collected on Monday, so for an entire weekend we have TWO cars!! How exciting!!

Our new car. Only about 4 inches shorter that our old one, but very comfortable to drive.

Our new car. Only about 4 inches shorter that our old one, but very comfortable to drive.

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