Thursday 25th June 2015 – I have begun sorting Plot 1!!!

Well it is very hot and humid today. Carol Kirkwood said it would get up to 24 degrees today. But when I came home from the allotment just before 2pm it read 26 degrees!! Apparently next week is supposed to be hotter, but we’ll soon see if that’s true when we come to next week. It’s definitely time to get the shorts and vest tops out for the allotment, short leggings and a t shirt is too hot. Now on to Plot 1. I’m not going to show you a before shot, because I’m far too embarrassed about it, but I’ll show you the progression of each bed as and when I sort it out. It actually looks worse than it is. There is tall grass round most of it, and weeds that are actually fairly easy to remove, so I managed to get through more than I expected today. The first bed was the Rhubarb bed which wasn’t bad because I’d sorted that a couple of weeks ago. And the bed with Parsnips, Onions and Carrots in was ok. Once I’d weeded a bed, I then thoroughly watered and fed it. I then came onto the Strawberry bed, which is huge in itself. I harvested some strawberries, but I think this bed will be easier to sort out when the strawberries have finished, so I’ll just try and keep the weeds at bay for the time being. The strawberry runners from last year have ended up all over the paths, so I’m having to sort those out and am replanting them in tyres all around my plots. I’m getting 6 plants in each tyre, and any new runners I find this year, I’m cutting off. I think that having over 150 strawberry plants is enough for anyone don’t you? I then used my shears and cut the grass along a huge section of plot 1 and even this has made it look much better, but there is still a long way to go. Once I’d had my lunch I then put in the first of the new staging in my greenhouse and the first 6 Tomatoes in it. I’ll make another lot up later today and will take that down tomorrow. I can only fit one made up staging section in the car at a time, and the 6 tomato plants to go in it. So it’ll be a slow progress on getting them all down to the allotment, but never mind. It’s easier to make the staging up in my garden, as I can sit on the grass and am less likely to then get bitten on the bum by some red ants (they really like biting my knees though). Well that’s all for today. I’ll continue tomorrow and let you know what I accomplish. So until the TTFN!!

The first of the staging and tomatoes in the greenhouse. There is lots more to follow.

The first of the staging and tomatoes in the greenhouse. There is lots more to follow.

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2 Responses to Thursday 25th June 2015 – I have begun sorting Plot 1!!!

  1. Allotmental says:

    Oh go on….. Show us what it looks like before your work on it!

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