Monday 25th May 2015 – Now that’s the way to spend a Bank Holiday Monday.

First thing this morning I popped off to Homebase to purchase some charcoal for our BBQ this afternoon. It’s our first one of the year. As I’m writing this blog the coals are warming up and give it 30 minutes or so and I should be able to start cooking. Can someone answer the following question for me please? Why is it that when people go into a car park, they panic, and then try to park in the first spot they find? In our Homebase, if you go down the end of the car park and round the corner there are loads of space!! A massive queue trailed out to the road and to the roundabout. Fortunately I came in from the other direction so didn’t get caught in the queue on the road. That’s my moan over for the day. When I got home, I popped in the greenhouse just for a quickie, to sow a few more seeds. Now I’ve sown some purple Cauliflowers called “Graffiti” and these are doing really well. Give them another 4 weeks and hopefully they’ll be ready, but I’ve also got another variety “Romanesco natalino” and these are green!! They are very pretty and I’ll keep you updated on their progress. I also sowed some Rocket “Dragon’s Tongue”. Sow little and often because you’ll never be able to eat it all. It’ll go to seed really quickly and then you’ll loose it. Don’t be in a hurry to sow it either, because if it’s not warm enough it won’t germinate. And finally some Cucumber seeds that I got from Spain. They’re for outside growing, but then Spain is hotter than the UK, so I may try some outside and some in the greenhouse. You have to peel the skins before you eat them, but that’s not difficult. What did surprise me was the seeds are bright green!

Bright green Spanish Cucumber seeds!!

Bright green Spanish Cucumber seeds!!

Must go now as the BBQ is ready for some food. Have a great Bank Holiday whatever you’re doing.

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1 Response to Monday 25th May 2015 – Now that’s the way to spend a Bank Holiday Monday.

  1. keith says:

    You’re luck. The homebase we use only has a very small car park & nearly always full. So you have to wait until someone comes out and leaves a space for you 😦 Enjoy you’re BBQ:)

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