Happy 13th Birthday George!!

Today, the 30th April, our lovely son George is 13!! Oh my goodness where have those years gone. We now have 2 teenagers in the house. In our house whenever it’s your birthday you get to choose what meals you’d like for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So George chose for breakfast: 2 fried eggs and bacon on toast. For lunch: pasta with ham and tomatoes, kit kat, ready salted crisps, strawberry yoghurt and an apple. And for dinner Chinese take out. Instead of a birthday cake he asked for white chocolate and raspberry muffins which I made. We sung him “Happy Birthday” after dinner and he blew out his candles. At school they give each other “Birthday beats”, which is basically thumping each other as hard as you can in the arm one for each year of your life. Boys are so kind to each other. Happy birthday George, hope you had a lovely and your arm isn’t too badly bruised.

Happy 13th Birthday George!!

Happy 13th Birthday George!!


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